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Hey, I'm

Lucius Y. Gao

My Formative Experiences

ZZ Capital International
UChicago Commitment

Hong Kong SAR

ZZ Capital International 

Investment Analyst

Summer 2021

ZZ Capital International is a private equity firm based in Hong Kong, I interned there as an investment analyst in the summer of 2021. During that time I had the opportunity to experience the workflow of a transaction from start to finish. I was responsible for performing financial and operational due diligence. As I became comfortable in the role and took on more responsibility, I was given the financial and valuation models of past transactions. By tinkering around with the models I developed an understanding of how to make research-based assumptions that were integral to the LBO models they used.

I'm grateful to have had this opportunity amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did I gain valuable, real-world experience in private equity but I also got the chance to really improve my business Chinese as well as develop a deeper understanding of the Chinese financial markets. I'm looking forward to discovering and exploring my professional aspirations while also providing value wherever my journey takes me in the world of finance. 

College Park, MD

University of Maryland-Earth System Sciences Interdisciplinary Center

Summer Data Analyst

Summer 2020

After my first year at university and finishing the introductory sequence for the computer science major, I found myself interested in machine learning and legitimate, real-world applications of coding. Interning at the University of Maryland-Earth System Sciences Interdisciplinary Center was the perfect chance to explore these areas of interest. I was given the  opportunity to work on linking USDA total factor productivity records to climate data. I worked with an interdisciplinary team to model projections for future agricultural outputs and discuss its economic impacts.


This internship extended far beyond just a simple software development internship. Collaborating with an interdisciplinary team of environmental scientists, computer scientists, crop production specialists, and economists allowed me to understand the synergy between the seemingly unrelated fields. Given my academic interests in economics and computer science, this internship gave me the ideal opportunity to explore the intersection between the two disciplines, which has only deepened my passion for both.

University of Chicago

Chicago, IL

Class of 2023


The University of Chicago presents unprecedented scale and diversity of opportunity. As an athlete, the University of Chicago Varsity Swim and Dive team pushes me every day at practice to be better than yesterday. As a scholar, I am discovering new depths to my passions. I am currently pursuing a double major in Economics and Computer Science both specializing in Data Science. I am tremendously excited for all the experiences and friendships to come and to develop further as a scholar, athlete, and leader.  


Fort Collins High School

Fort Collins, CO

Class of 2019 


I'm tremendously grateful for my high school experience. FCHS was where I learned how to persuade and garner support for my ideas (as a board member of the National Honor Society), refined my curiosity for life, and discovered my passion for computer science as well as economics. The meaningful relationships that I developed with my teachers and peers are perhaps the greatest outcome of my high school career. Their support and guidance throughout the years have been paramount to my success as a scholar, athlete, and individual. 


Fort Collins Area Swim Team

Fort Collins, CO

Athlete, Team Captain


The Fort Collins Area Swim Team (FAST) taught me all the necessary skills to be a high achieving individual both in and out of the water. After nine years of swimming up and down a lane staring at a black line at the bottom of the pool, I learned the value of hard work, dedication, and camaraderie. While I won't remember my personal bests in my events, I know that I will carry the "do whatever it takes" mentality and spirit of Arete with me wherever my path takes me.

I'm a Colorado native,

cliff diving and standup comedy enthusiast,

and welcome bribes in the form of coffee and conversation.

Let's connect. The best way to reach me is by email.

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